1/23/23 Update: The Unofficial WCC Hoops Podcast from Zack Farmer…

1/23/23, Episode 221: “Zags Fall to LMU, Expand the NCAA Tournament to 96?”

1/17/23, Episode 220: “What is the NET for anyway?”

1/9/23, Episode 219: “Midseason Awards, Can Santa Clara Still Go Dancing?”

1/2/23, Episode 218: “WCC Play Week 1, BYU is back, USF spiraling”

12/27/22, Episode 217: “Dons, Broncos Tip Off WCC Play”

12/20/22, Episode 216: “This Non-Conference is Killing Me”

12/5/22, Episode 215: “Midterm Grades Are In”

11/28/22, Episode 214: “Remember the name Portland Pilots”

11/21/22, Episode 213: “Who Will Feast During the Turkey Tourneys?”

11/14/22, Episode 212: “Podziemski Rises, Gonzaga Faces Tough Tilt”

11/7/22, Episode 211: “The Season Begins”

10/31/22, Episode 210: “Gaels Own Best Non-Conference Schedule, Final Preseason WCC Picks…”

10/24/22, Episode 209: “Will Zags Win It All, Can Portland Continue Rise?”

10/17/22, Episode 208: “BYU, San Diego biggest question marks in the WCC, Can the Dons Return to the Tourney?”

10/11/22, Episode 207: “The Season Draws Close, Previews for SCU, SMC, LMU, Pepperdine”

10/7/22, Episode 206: “Vibes From Media Day”

9/27/22, Episode 205: “Can San Diego Match the Hype?”



9/20/22, Episode 204: “The End of the One and Done, Santa Clara Hoops with PxP man Anthony Passarelli…”


9/7/22, Episode 203: “Tiering the WCC, Most to Prove, FanSided’s Tristan Freeman Stops by…”


8/25/22, Episode 202: “Shabazz, Dons Aim for Return to NCAA Tournament”


8/8/22, Episode 201: “Gaels Gone Wild, Realignment Talk”


6/2/22, Episode 27: “Zags Got Dudes Back, WCC Strikes Transfer Gold”


4/18/22, Episode 26: “Who is on the move?”

3/22/22, Episode 25: “The PDX Party

3/14/22, Episode 24: “March Is Finally Here

3/11/22, Episode 23: “Selection Sunday Special with Rocco Miller

3/7/22, Episode 22: “For All the Marbles – WCC Championship”

3/2/22, Episode 21: “Hellooooo Vegas”

2/22/22, Episode 20: “The Final Week: Will Gonzaga Lose?”

2/15/22, Episode 19: “St Mary’s/USF – Winner Takes Second”

2/7/22, Episode 18: “The Final Stretch: St. Mary’s, USF, BYU, Santa Clara and San Diego”

2/1/22, Episode 17: “SMC Coming On Strong, BYU in Panic Mode”

1/25/22, Episode 16: “Dons and Gaels…Finally!”

1/19/22, Episode 15: “BYU Gets Better of USF, Dons Left With Work To Do”

1/10/22, Episode 14: “And We’re Back! BYU’s Big Week, USF Remains Strong”

12/30/21, Episode 13: “So It Begins….WCC Play Begins This Week”

12/20/21, Episode 12: “Who Can Knock Off the King?”

12/13/21, Episode 11: “These Two Resumes Look the Same”

12/6/21, Episode 10: “Big 3 Show Cracks in the Armor”

11/29/21, Episode 9: “How to Make a #4BidWCC a Reality”

11/22/21, Episode 8: “Turkey Tournaments

11/15/21, Episode 7: “Are They Who We Thought They Were?”

11/8/21, Episode 6: “Texas or Gonzaga, Who You Got?”

11/2/21, Episode 5: “WCC Previews: Gonzaga, San Francisco, Portland” (includes interview with Pat Olson)

10/21/21, Episode 4: “WCC Previews: Saint Mary’s, LMU, Pacific, San Diego”

10/8/21, Episode 3: “WCC Previews: BYU, Pepperdine, SCU”

9/22/21, Episode 2: “Top 15 WCC Players

9/9/21, Episode 1: “BYU Saying Goodbye, Few in Hot Water”


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