11/29/21 Update: The Unofficial WCC Hoops Podcast from Zack Farmer…

11/29/21, Episode 9: “How to Make a #4BidWCC a Reality”

11/22/21, Episode 8: “Turkey Tournaments

11/15/21, Episode 7: “Are They Who We Thought They Were?”

11/8/21, Episode 6: “Texas or Gonzaga, Who You Got?”

11/2/21, Episode 5: “WCC Previews: Gonzaga, San Francisco, Portland” (includes interview with Pat Olson)

10/21/21, Episode 4: “WCC Previews: Saint Mary’s, LMU, Pacific, San Diego”

10/8/21, Episode 3: “WCC Previews: BYU, Pepperdine, SCU”

9/22/21, Episode 2: “Top 15 WCC Players

9/9/21, Episode 1: “BYU Saying Goodbye, Few in Hot Water”

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