OT | Realignment: After 8 years in the MVC, Loyola-Chicago moving to the A-10…





With MWC holding off AAC, the stoking of the MWC-Gonzaga expansion fire resumes.


9/30/21, Kentucky Sports Radio reporting Murray State to follow OVC rival Belmont to the MVC:


“Realignment has trickle-down effect”

College basketball: Realignment has trickle-down effect



“Belmont Changes Valleys”

Belmont Changing Valleys


“Belmont Is Moving to the Missouri Valley Conference”

Belmont Is Moving to the Missouri Valley Conference


Comment: Will the following MWC Olympic programs be looking for homes? (A missing point by both CBS and FootballScoop writers: AAC has an ESPN contract while the MWC has a lesser deal with CBS Sports Network. A fact not lost by athletic departments.)

“American reportedly has expansion targets”




One paragraph from this subscription-based story shows it is clear that requiring strictly “faith-based private institutions” for league membership is not sustainable to survive in D1 anymore. Especially considering the current model is not truly inherent to the WCC as it once included UNLV, San Jose State, Fresno State, UCSB and Nevada.

“BYU’s move to the Big 12 raises questions for the future of Gonzaga and the rest of the WCC”

Full story:




One very incorrect statement by Dan Dickau. Everyone in the football world since 2010 knew Texas and Oklahoma were likely gone once Big 12’s media rights expired in 2024. (They came within hours of leaving 11 years ago.):

Dickau said: “Who would’ve thought the Big 12 would’ve got poached the way they did the last couple months?”

“Exploring the future for Gonzaga and the West Coast Conference without BYU”

Full story:


WCC issues statement:


“Here’s what BYU reportedly would pay the West Coast Conference in exit fees”


MWC issues statement tonight on realignment. What dominos will be next to fall?

“BYU is about to jump to the Big 12, leaving the WCC and the Zags without its main competition”



“Realignment Strikes! Part 3: Going Forward”

View at Medium.com

Let’s Go DU: “Impending BYU Exit Opens The Door To West Coast Conference Membership For Denver”



BYU leaving has been the worst-kept secret for a month. Will any local media member interview WCC Commissioner Gloria Nevarez? Considering BYU’s exit has always been considered temporary, does the WCC have a ready-made plan?

BYU invite could possibly come next week with membership in 2022?



BYU to Big 12 imminent?




BYU’s move appears imminent as Big 12 football is desperately attempting to keep “autonomous” status with the other four big-budget football leagues. All sports or “football-only” appears to be the only question. Either way, it’s been unprecedented to see an ungrateful BYU fanbase detest its very own conference, especially considering the WCC saved BYU from being a member of the WAC 11 years ago. Former MWC brethren, SDSU fans’ 2010 comments regarding insufferable and sanctimonious behavior from BYU followers proved to be spot on and prescient. Big 12 fans will soon get the pleasure of seeing their conference be the target of crazed finger pointing, at fault for every BYU failure, strictly because they don’t win as much as they believe they deserve.

Perhaps BYU’s membership is worth having them and their local media denigrate the WCC and fellow programs at every turn? Although, AD Tom Holmoe has shown WCC appreciation, very few others have echoed him. A reluctant member, BYU has brought a national following and greater ESPN interest to the WCC. Regardless, if a full exit, the only issue that matters for the WCC is how this effects Gonzaga, who campaigned for BYU. What is the next move for the conference? Will anyone interview commissioner Gloria Nevarez?

(If “football-only” or if BYU is surprisingly spurned by the Big 12 for the second time in 5 years, expect a scorned BYU to have an even more abhorrent and condescending attitude towards the WCC. The only school in the nation to sabotage their conference affiliation while actively in it.)


BYU likely target #1 for revamped Big 12




Alliance between big-budget football leagues will further damage non-conference basketball scheduling opportunities from slim to almost nothing:


“Steve Alford: Mountain West ‘can’t stay status quo’ in conference realignment”:



“Big 12 commissioner alleges ESPN conspired with SEC, American to lure teams from conference”


“Big 12 believes ESPN-financed American is attempting to grab eight remaining members with Texas, Oklahoma leaving for SEC”



“The SEC’S Master Negotiating Stroke That Paved The Way For Texas And Oklahoma


“College coaches, executives: OU, Texas just the first domino to fall as NCAA loses more ground”


“Greg Couch explains how the SEC’s acquisition of Texas and Oklahoma plans to overthrow the NCAA”


“Mountain West issues statement on potential conference expansion, future moves”


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