Jon Rothstein dismisses every metric when including WCC as “mid-major” and not MWC, A10. Let’s take a look at the vast differences…


Before delving into the numbers, premise it with a comment: The current “Power 5” designation is strictly a football term self-named by the autonomous big-budget football leagues as a way to create a divide in D1 football and control all of the revenue and bowls. Since the 1990s, whether they refer to “BCS, High-Major, Power 5”, the media feels compelled to categorize the Olympic sports as well in order to perpetuate a class warfare at the behest of the five TV-financed-conference cartel; whose ultimate goal is to create their own separate Division-1. Therefore, the other 27 have-not leagues and its members are repeatedly referred to as “mid-majors”, purposely termed designating a less-than perception, regardless of on-court performances and metrics which have no bearing on these pre-conceived labels. Even though the lower classification is spawned from a football desire for a D1 subdivision, Jon Rothstein has now taken it upon himself to elevate the MWC and A-10 to country club status among the football royalty (and Big East basketball), while leaving the WCC in the sub-basement looking up, ignoring every recent metric of the past few years. The issue is not whether someone wants to identify the billion-dollar football leagues and the “other” conferences. That is a clear indisputable distinction based on an autonomy vote the 5 NCAA leagues took last decade to promote themselves (perhaps a label that reflects TV-Network-funded football conferences, and those that are not, is a better barometer between 32 NCAA leagues than red herrings like “power” and “major”?). The oddity is that Rothstein chose to ignore actual performance when subjectively moving the MWC and A-10 to the “premier” status. Therefore, out of curiosity, let’s compare and see how much superior they are versus the WCC….

And yes, the practice of subdivision classification labels within the same level of athletics sharing the same bylaws is indeed ridiculous. A strategic move by the TV football conferences that was accepted by the sports media and the general public. Either secede officially, or unite as one Division 1.

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