3/3/21: 2020 Highlights | 8/20/20: USF offers 2022 6’8″ SF Bobi Klintman (RIG Mark, Sweden)…

3/3/21: 2020 Highlights




August 20, 2020:

EuroHopes 1/18/2020:

Bobi Klintman (‘03). 6’7, SF/SG, Sweden
Klintman has a really intriguing body, being long, skinny and with a lot of range to develop. He is a fluid athlete who shows excellent coordination and quickness on his moves. Klintman played mainly off the ball in Tallinn, where he displayed his high-level shooting ability off the catch and also good instincts cutting to the rim. He also proved to be natural handling the ball, creating for himself and others on P&R and driving to the basket. Defensively, he has the physical tools to be a good defender.